Regulations of the 12th Zhengzhou China InternationalShaolin Wushu Festival

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Regulations of the 12th Zhengzhou China International

 Shaolin Wushu Festival



From October 19 to 24, 2018 in Zhengzhou, Henan, China.


Wushu groups, organizations or individuals from any country or region.


3.1. Shaolinquan events

3.1.1. Compulsory events: Quanshu, Daoshu, Jianshu, Gunshu and Qiangshu. Without age classification.

3.1.2. Traditional events:


Xiaohongquan, Dahongquan, Xiaoluohanquan, Daluohanquan, Qixingquan, Changhuxinyimenquan, Paoquan, Chaoyangquan, Tongbiquan, Taizuchangquan, Meihuaquan, Heihuquan, etc.


Short apparatus, Long apparatus, Double apparatus and Soft apparatus.

3.1.3. Duilian(Without age classification.)

Shaolin barehanded duel, Shaolin weapon duel (including barehanded and weapon duel).

3.2. International competition compulsory events.

3.2.1. Changquan category: Changquan, Jianshu, Daoshu, Qiangshu and Gunshu. (Without age classification.)

3.2.2. Nanquan category: Nanquan, Nandao and Nangun. (Without age classification).

3.2.3. Taijiquan category: 42-form Taijiquan, other compulsory Taijiquan, 42-form Taijijian ,and other compulsory Taiji Apparatus.

3.3. Other Traditional Events (except Shaolinquan events)

3.3.1. Traditional Quanshu

-Taijiquan: Chen-style, Yang-style, Wu-style, Wuu-style, Sun-style and traditional Taijiquan in other styles. They all belong to traditional Taijiquan events. (Please state clearly which style your Taijiquan belongs to in the entry form)

-Nanquan: Yongchun, Wuzuquan, Cailifo, Huheshuangxing, Dishuquan, and other Nanquan events. (Please state clearly the style of Taijiquan which your Taolu belongs to in the entry form)

-Other Quanshu: Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Bajiquan, Tongbiquan, Piguaquan, Fanziquan, Ditangquan, Xiangxingquan, Zhaquan, Huaquan, Paoquan, Hongquan, Huaquan, Wudangquan, Emeiquan, and other traditional Quanshu. (Please state clearly the name of your Quanshu and Taolu in the entry form)

3.3.2. Traditional Apparatus

- Single Apparatus: Broadsword, Sword, Cudgel, Spear, Pudao, Fan, Dagger, Whip-cudgel, Walking Stick, Staff, Cane, Spade, Fork, Taiji Sword, Taiji Broadsword, Taiji Spear, Nandao, Nangun and other apparatus.

- Double Apparatus: Double Broadswords, Double Swords (including swords with  long tassel), Double Whips (including broadsword with whip), Double Hooks, Double Daggers, Double battle-axe and other double apparatus.

-Soft Apparatus: 9 Section Whip, 2 Section Stick, 3 Section Stick, Liuxingchui, Rope with Darts and other soft apparatus..

3.3.3. Dual Events: Without age classification.

Barehanded vs. Barehanded, Apparatus vs. Apparatus ( including Barehanded vs. Apparatus. ).

3.4 Group Events: Grouped Quanshu, Grouped Apparatus,(Including Quanahu and Apparatus)


4.1 The number of the athletes and observers of each team is not limited. However, each team can enter with 1 head of the delegation, 1 team leader, 1-3 coach (es) and 1 doctor.

4.2 Each athlete is limited to enter 1 barehanded routine and 1 apparatus routine. Meanwhile, he/she can participate in duel or/and group events.

4.3 Each team may enter 1 team event (Duilian) only. The group shall be composed of 2 or 3 persons. Men and women can be mixed without age classification.

4.4. Each team may enter for 1 group event only. The number of participants should be no less than 6; otherwise it will not be programmed.

4.5.The events that athletes apply must be orderly inheriting martial arts exercise routine or the routine that designated by National Martial Arts Sport Administrative Center. If the events reviewed by the organizing committee in line with the characteristics of wushu, we will orchestrate them in competition, otherwise, we will not orchestrate them.


5.1. Competition Rules: The competitions are implemented in accordance with the latest version of The Rules of Traditional Wushu Taolu Competition endorsed by the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

5.2 Time Limit of events:

5.2.1 Shaolinquan: Compulsory events should be no more than 70 seconds. Traditional events, dual events and works should be no more than 2 minutes.

5.2.2. International Competition Events: Changquan and Nanquan Routines shall be no less than 1 minute. Taijiquan shall be 3 to 4 minutes. The head judge will blow a whistle at the 3 minutes after the beginning . Taiji Sword shall be 2 to 3 minutes. The head judge will blow a whistle at the 2 minutes after the beginning.

5.2.3. Other Traditional Events: the events,except traditional Taijiquan, shall be no more than 2 minutes. Traditional Taijiquan shall be no more than 4 minutes, and the head judge will blow a whistle at the 3 minutes after the beginning. Traditional Taiji apparatus shall be no more than 3 minutes, and the head judge will blow a whistle at the 2 minutes after the beginning. Action omissions of compulsory routines of Taijiquan or Taiji apparatus will not leads to mark deduction.

5.2.4. Traditional Duilian:

No more than 90 seconds.

5.2.5. Group Events: 3 to 4 minutes, the head judge will blow a whistle at the 3 minutes after the beginning. Accompanying Music is needed; (CD tapes shall be provided by the participating teams.) No vocal of any form are allowed; otherwise the head judge will take off 0.1 point. 0.2 point will be taken off if there is no background music. The team leaders or the coaches will be responsible for playing music during the competition.

5.3. Age groups.

Group A: Under 12 (including 12, born after January 1st, 2006)

Group B: Age13-17 (born between January 1st, 2001 and December 31st, 2005)

Group C: Age 18-39 (born between January 1st, 1979 and December 31st, 2000)

Group D: Age 40-59 (born between January 1st, 1959 and December 31st, 1978)

Group E: Age 60 and over 60 (including 60, born before December 31st, 1958)


6.1.1. Individual event: 20% of the total competitors who participate in each event shall be awarded the first prize, 30% the second and 50% the third prizes according to age groups and gender respectively. The certificates and medals shall be awarded.

6.1.2. Duilian : Same method of awards shall be adopted for Dual Events of 2 persons and 3 persons respectively.

6.1.3. Group event: According to Quanshu events and Apparatus events, (Mixed Quanshu and Apparatus belongs to Apparatus events). 20% of the total competitors who participate in each event shall be awarded the first prize, 30% the second and 50% the third prizes. The certificates shall be awarded.

6.1.4. In those single event, in which less than 6 athletes participate, according to gender , athletes will be merged into the next younger age group for competition.


7.1. Entries:

7.1.1. Entry Forms must be printed in A4 size paper in duplicate, one copy should be sent to the Organizing Committee of the 12th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival by post no later than September 5, 2018 (The deadline is according to the postmark of mails arriving in Zhengzhou), and another to be brought with the team as confirmation during its registration in Zhengzhou. The forms also should be sent by E-mail to , or

7.1.2. Please send by post the following iterms together with the entry forms: a copy of ID card, the Waiver of Liabilities, the Life Insurance and the Certificate of Health.

7.2. Registration

7.2.1. Please register on October 19, 2018. The specific location will be notified in due course.

7.2.2. Please inform the Organizing Committee the date of arrival, flight No., train No. and the number of participants before October 5, 2018 by fax or e-mail, so that the reception arrangement will be made.

7.2.3. Port of entry and traffic route

Zhengzhou City can be reached via Hongkong, Macao by flight or train directly.

There are non-stop flights and trains to Zhengzhou City from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


8.1. Each team shall be responsible for their own expenses, and please hand it over the committee one time.

8.2. During the competition each team member will be charged as follow:

Three-star hotel

U.S $ 60 per person per day for standard room

U.S $ 80 per person per day for single room

Four-star hotel

U.S $ 70 per person per day for standard room

U.S $ 90 per person per day for single room

The charge includes accommodation, local transportation, competition, activities, opening and closing ceremonies.

3. Each team member should pay registration fee U.S$ 80 for each person.


9.1. The composition and duty of the Jury Committee shall be implemented according to the Regulations of Jury Committee.

9.2. Judges will be selected by the Chinese Wushu Association, further notice.


10.1. Foreign Affairs Department of Chinese Wushu Association

Contact person: Fu Bo

Tel: 86-10-64912153

Fax: 86-10-64912151

Address: NO.3 Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R. China


10.2. Organizing Committee of the 12th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival

Contact person: Sun Baohua  Li Fei 

Tel: 86-371-66115629  66115620

Fax: 86-371-66115620  

Address: No.230, Shangcheng Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan 450000, P.R. China, Organizing Committee of the 12th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival



11.1. The head of delegations, the team leaders and coaches are requested to attend the Joint Meeting of Organizing Committee and Technical Meeting to be held at 9:00 a.m. (Beijing Time) on October 20. The specific place of the meeting will be informed in due course.

11.2. Each participating athlete shall go through life insurance procedure by himself, and hand in the original insurance policy and copies of the insurance policy to the Organizing Committee when they register. Anyone who does not have insurance is not allowed to participate.

11.3. Costumes, apparatus and training equipments shall be self-provided. Competitors should wear traditional Wushu costumes and Wushu shoes.

11.4. After registration, athletes shall go through physical check made by the Medical Committee and shall be disqualified from the competition if they are found with medical deficiency.

11.5. Athletes should check in within 30 minutes before competition. They will be regarded as abstaining from the competition for 3 times absence on roll-calls.

11.6. All the results of a competitor will be nullified if he/she withdrawal from the competition for no reason.

11.7. After registration, the teams are requested to read the Program carefully. If names or events are found incorrect, a written application should be submitted to the Competition Department by competitors,team leaders, or coaches before 18:00 October 20 (with contact number of the signatory). Having checked by the Chief Registrar, if the appealing content is in conformity with the original entry forms, the amendment will be made; otherwise, no changes will be made. Any personal information does not match with the original registration form for some special circumstances, needs to be changed, signed by the team leader or coach submit a written application to the Competition Department (and indicate the contact telephone), as agreed, to pay $ 30 for each change.

11.8. The Regulations and Application Forms can be downloaded from the websites of Chinese Wushu Associationhttp// Sports Bureau of Zhengzhou Cityhttp//

11.9. Any additional information uncovered in this regulation shall be notified by the Organization Committee in due course.